As with most crafty people, I grew up loving to create. When I was young and office supplies went awol in my house, my mother would always first check my bedroom where she was sure to find the missing scissors or markers amidst some elaborate project that probably dealt with glitter.

I am obsessed with pop culture. The amount of time I spend watching TV and reading celebrity tweets is kind of ridiculous. I have a tv or movie quote or song lyric for pretty much any situation.

My adoration of pop culture was what initiated this endeavor, but I've since embraced political and societal resistance, as well as collaboration with some amazing artists. My head is so full of ideas that there's essentially no way even half of them will ever see the light of day.

I truly enjoy combining my passions together to create something that is fun, colorful, and makes other people happy. I love seeing pictures of StitchCulture hoops in their new homes and hearing stories of when they're given as gifts. It warms my little black heart to know that I can brighten someone's day just by doing what I love.

If there was a third thing you should know, it's that I really love dinosaurs.